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HMC Hardy’s Muscat Cask

Release detail and tasting notes below.

HMC has been one of our most highly sought after whisky releases around the globe and many missed out on the chance to collect this remarkable dram.

These ancient barrels first arrived to our shores from Bordeaux 150 years ago carrying French brandy. In 1915 they were filled with the first vintage of Hardy’s Muscat.

A century later the barrels were decanted and handed to us with years of flavour and complexity, all adding to the truly unique character of this single cask single malt expression of Australian whisky.

There is simply nothing else like it in the world.

Tasting Notes

Brandy soaked raisins and Christmas pudding fill the nose with saville oranges and toffee closely following. After some air this dram really opens up, rich oak drives roasted coffee beans and vanilla, dried stone fruit and spice.  The palate is buttery soft and voluptuous, drying towards the mid palate and leaving the mouth watering for another taste. With extraordinary length, this dram just keeps going, offering a beautiful transitions from sweet to savoury it leaves the lips with a slight tingle. Let this whisky breath for 20 minutes and you will experience something unlike anything in the world. – John Rochfort

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